Accessibility Plan


Volkswagen Waterloo remains committed to fulfilling our responsibilities under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and other applicable accessibility legislation. This updated plan, spanning from 2021 to 2026, outlines our enhanced steps to meet these requirements and improve opportunities for people with disabilities. 

 Statement of Commitment 

Volkswagen Waterloo is devoted to treating individuals with disabilities in a way that preserves their dignity and independence, ensuring integration and equal opportunity. We are focused on removing and preventing barriers to accessibility in a timely manner. 

Customer Service 

We provide accessible customer service to people with disabilities, ensuring goods and services are delivered with high quality and timeliness. Our training for employees includes how to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities and appropriate responses in emergency situations. 

 Communication with Persons with Disabilities 

When communicating with a person with a disability, our employees will consider the person’s disability. We provide ongoing training on customer service to all current and future employees, emphasizing interaction and communication with individuals with various disabilities. 

 Notice of Temporary Service Disruptions 

In the event of service disruptions, details including the disruption's nature and anticipated duration will be promptly posted in our dealership and on our website. Alternate services will be proposed to affected individuals. 

 Assistive Devices 

Personal assistive devices are welcome in all areas of our dealership, except where safety may be a concern. Employees training on the use of various assistive devices available at our facility. 

 Service Animals and Support Persons 

Service animals are permitted in premises accessible to the public, barring legal exclusions. Customers accompanied by a support person are welcomed, and we encourage such individuals to inform their contact person of this arrangement. Entry to all public areas of our dealership, including meeting rooms, is permitted for support persons. In rare cases, health and safety considerations may require assessment by our Health & Safety Representative before allowing entry to certain areas. 

 Information and Communications 

Our commitment extends to making information and communications accessible. We ensure website content compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA and provide information in accessible formats upon request. 


We maintain fair and accessible employment practices, focusing on accommodation and accessibility throughout the employment lifecycle. 


Training on applicable accessibility laws and the Ontario Human Rights Code is provided to all employees and contractors, with additional training for roles like human resources and facilities management. 

 Design of Public Spaces 

We ensure compliance with accessibility laws in the design and major modifications of public spaces, maintaining fully accessible facilities. 

 Accessible Emergency Information 

We offer accessible emergency information to the public and provide individual emergency response information to employees with disabilities. 

 Workplace Accommodation 

Our inclusive workplace accommodates employees with disabilities, with individual plans developed and implemented efficiently. 

For more information:

Mark Guttensohn | Human Resource Manager | Crosby Auto Group | [email protected]