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Financing or leasing a new or pre-owned vehicle at Volkswagen Waterloo is always a simple, affordable and fun experience. Here at VW Waterloo, our friendly team of sales consultants and financial specialists are ready to help you find the Volkswagen, and the financing or leasing term, you’ve been looking for.

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The Finance and Protection Specialists at Volkswagen Waterloo are highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to helping customers navigate the complex world of automotive financing and protection products. With a deep understanding of Volkswagen's finance and insurance offerings,

Our team is equipped to provide expert guidance and support to customers at every stage of the buying process. Whether securing a competitive financing package, selecting the right protection products, or understanding the ins and outs of warranties and service contracts, our Finance and Protection Specialists are committed to providing the best support to ensure that customers are fully informed and confident in their purchase decisions.

To learn more about financing or leasing your next Volkswagen, contact us today or call us at 519-884-7470.

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