End of Lease

Your Lease is Maturing - Tell us what you want to do next

With time remaining to explore your options, the end of lease process can be very seamless. If you’re considering a new Volkswagen, we have programs in place that make this transition simple. Starting early with the planning process will enable us to maximize available incentives to your advantage.  

My next Volkswagen.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. Set up an appointment with us.
2. Book your final inspection.
3. Test-drive your next Volkswagen.

Keep my Volkswagen.

We love that you’re happy with your current VW and plan on keeping it after your lease ends. Volkswagen Waterloo will guide you through the process.

Return my Volkswagen.

If you plan on returning your Volkswagen at the end of your Lease, we’ve made the process simple. Just set up your final inspection within 60 days of the end of your lease and prepare for your next VW experience.

Once your inspection and desired repairs are completed, follow these 3 steps to turn in your VW:

1. Contact your VW Dealer to set up a turn-in appointment.
2. Complete and sign a Vehicle History Disclosure Form with your Dealer when you return your vehicle.
3. Keep copies of all documents signed by you and the Dealer for your personal records.