Need new wheels? From sizing to seasonal to best-selling brands, the  Volkswagen Waterloo parts team can help determine the best fit for your vehicle.

Looking for the right tire?

Tires do more than keep us rolling. The right tires make a difference when it comes to safety and performance. Before talking to your dealer, browse brand-name options based on your model or tire size.

Better braking distance

In icy conditions, winter tires stop 34% faster than all-season tires, requiring just 10.7 meters to come to a complete stop, versus 16.3 meters.*

* “Winter Tires: A review of research on effectiveness and usage,” Traffic Injury Research Foundation, 2012

Enhanced traction in snow

Winter tires have better traction in snowy conditions, especially when temperatures dip below zero.

Tighter cornering

In icy conditions, winter tires allow for more precise, 90-degree turns.

* “Winter Tires: A review of research on effectiveness and usage,” Traffic Injury Research Foundation, 2012
Superior in soggy conditions

Winter tires’ deeper tread design allows for better drainage, countering the “aquaplaning” effect that can occur when driving through large puddles.

Timing is everything

When temperatures consistently hit below 7°C, you know it’s time to change to winter tires.

Wheel and tire packages

Remember to buy wheels when you purchase your tires. Volkswagen offers a wide selection of alloy and steel wheels to go along with your new tires, making it easier to install and uninstall, and store them each season.

Tire maintenance tips

Prolong the lifespan of your tires with regular, scheduled maintenance and expert advice from your Volkswagen Certified Technician.

Tire pressure

Under-inflated tires increase fuel consumption and cause premature tire wear. On the flipside, over-inflated tires can cause bulging and uneven wear.

Proper alignment

If your vehicle’s suspension is out of alignment, it can cause uneven tire wear and inferior handling. Your Volkswagen technician can make sure all wheels are aligned properly.

Well-balanced wheels

Bumps, curbs, and other uneven road conditions can cause your wheels to go out of balance. The result: excessive vibration, wobbly movement, and uneven tire wear. Your Volkswagen technician can ensure proper balance by remounting tires.

Rotate your tires
Vehicle weight and driving patterns can cause uneven wear. By rotating the tires across all four wheel positions, you can help reduce wear.

Off-season tire storage

Need somewhere to store your summer or winter tires? Just ask your service consultant about our winter tire storage service.