Volkswagen Golf: The Cheapest Car to Insure

Volkswagen Golf The Cheapest Car to Insure

When shopping for a new vehicle, everyone researches the monthly payment, but the cost to insure the vehicle can be an afterthought. When budgeting for your new car, it’s important to consider the annual insurance cost early in the buying process. If you’re looking to save on car insurance costs, the Volkswagen Golf is what you want in your driveway. compared car insurance quotes for Canada’s best-selling cars in six Ontario cities and determined that the Volkswagen Golf was the cheapest to insure.

In fourth place, the Volkswagen Jetta also made their Top 10 list.

According to, there was a difference of around $297 in the average insurance quote from the #1 spot to the #10 spot. In other words, it’s almost $300 cheaper a year to insure a Volkswagen Golf than it is to insure a Toyota Corolla! With savings like that, you could reduce your expense, move up a trim level, or add those accessories you were eyeing. Whatever you choose to do with your savings, you get more value with a Volkswagen Golf.

What are you waiting for? Explore the Volkswagen Golf today.